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Download eCTD Accelerator – Templates

Thank you for your interest in Aquila’s eCTD Accelerator – Templates.  We are proud to provide a Demo version for you to review.

Click here to download
eCTD Accelerator – Templates

The Demo version includes a small sample of the available templates as well as the Freeware Word Add-in.  You may try our system as long as you wish.  If you decide you want our full complement of Templates please consider purchasing a license through the software or the Aquila website.

The initial 1 year license will provide access to all available templates, any updated or new templates as well as the capability of updating existing Aquila templates for new sequences as needed.  You may renew your subscription annually but if you choose not to than you will not be able to create new templates but can still update your existing documents.


  • Initial Subscription: $2000
  • Annual Renewals: $500

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