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Feature List

eCTD Accelerator – Templates

eCTD Accelerator consists of a collection of word documents that are customized and secured for your projects.
The system consists of two primary components:
  1. The Desktop “Control” software
  2. The MS Word Addin
Main Page of Control Software

Desktop “Control” software

  1. Maintains the current list of available templates
  2. Provide a simple filter system to quickly identify the required documents
  3. Defines document variables like Manufacturer and Indication
  4. Allows user to customize the Headers and Footers for your project
  5. Create the eCTD File system
  6. Create and secure the customized templates
  7. Provide for an opt-in Beta Template System
  8. Provides easy feedback to Aquila
The MS Word Addin

  1. Provides Transparent Security
  2. Allows for easy emailing and other transfer of Word Documents
  3. Manages page Layout Updates
  4. Cleans document of Aquila’s Descriptive Text as needed
  5. Creates final PDF with all defined bookmarks and links
  6. Provides access to Track Changes and other features
  7. Provides instructions for use inside the documents
  8. Provides easy feedback to Aquila
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