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Template Support

Aquila works to continuously improve our template systems however it is not possible prevent all possible issues.  If you have a problem in the software please feel free to contact us through the software or by completing the form at the bottom of this page.  You may also review the user manual for a possible solution to your issue.

However e have found several things will solve most issues.

Control Software

  1. There was an error when creating templates.
    At this time the Control Software uses Word and the user clipboard for some creation activities. This means that user activities can cause a publish to fail. Try republishing that template by itself.
  2. The software never finishes the template download.
    You may proceed with template selection. The software is finishing the processing of a large download and this will not interfere with your publishing process.
  3. The software pops up an error.
    Close the software. It is possible that you may need to kill the process aquila.exe using the task manager.
  4. The templates are not loading correctly.
    The template database may have been corrupted. Click on the ‘i’ icon and click the option to reset the software. Warning this will result in a large download.


Word Add-in

  1. At this time the user should simply completely exit from word and then reopen the template you are editing


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