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About Aquila

Mission Statement

Aquila Solutions mission is to support our clients as they sponsor lifesaving products by offering the most efficient, accurate and cost effective regulatory publishing and consulting services.

Aquila is founded on the Christian principles of trust, reliability, integrity, and hard work. We apply these principles to every relationship.

Meet Our Team

Joshua Boutwell, MBA, RAC

After years of experience in the industry, Mr. Boutwell founded Aquila Solutions in 2010 on the premise of providing accessible publishing resources to small to medium pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


 William “Jared” McDonald

Mr. McDonald came to work with Aquila in 2011. He fulfilled both publishing and sales roles until early this year; he is now assuming the role of Program Manager.

 Additional Experts

Aquila employs a large number of specialist so we can support you and your Regulatory and Quality needs.

About Aquila

Aquila Solutions is a US-based company that specializes in electronic publishing for regulated products. We have successfully published applications for biologics, sterile products and combination products.

We primarily serve small to medium size pharmaceutical and biologics companies as well as CROs with eCTD and SPL support, planning and publishing, along with providing a variety of other services focused on the successful submission of initial applications (INDs, (A) NDAs, BLAs, MAAs, DMFs and others, submissions and SAS Data Package reviews).

Our goals include First Pass approval of your application and to make the process of backbone planning and longer-term lifecycle management more organized, less expensive and error-free.

We can work on-site or as an out-sourced partner.

Our size assures you access to senior professionals and allows the flexibility to provide a custom set of solutions that match each client’s unique needs; present and future. Additionally, clients tell us our fees are regularly 20% below the larger alternatives.


Aquila Solutions was founded by Josh Boutwell in 2010.

He discovered that many small to medium sized companies felt lost with the rapid change in publishing standards and were disillusioned with both the service and the prices available for this support.

Josh founded Aquila to assist those companies as well as any other sponsor who needs help to reduce the cost of publishing their application and to win approval for their product. Aquila does this while offering support that is second to none in speed, quality and experience.



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