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Press Release – July 10th, 2013

July 10th, 2013 Atlanta, GA — Aquila Solutions, LLC Announces Availability of Freeware eCTD Accelerator – Viewer — Today in Atlanta, GA, Aquila Solutions, LLC announced the immediate availability of eCTD Accelerator – Viewer. This software eliminates all financial costs of transitioning from paper to electronic submissions for the FDA, EMA and other regions. With this software and a few other freeware software packages, sponsors have everything they need to bring eCTDs into their organization.

Joshua Boutwell, President and CEO of Aquila Solutions said, “Our eCTD Accelerator is Aquila’s response to the new FDA eCTD mandate. It is the first eCTD viewer that is completely free with no limits on applications or sequence counts. We hope this software will help sponsors of all sizes, from 5 person start-ups to 10,000 person corporations, reduce the costs of using eCTDs. Our viewer is the only freeware software a sponsor needs that doesn’t come pre-installed on every computer sold on Earth.“

Positive Customer Impact

Clients and other users have already benefited from utilizing eCTD Accelerator in their current projects. The software analyzes the backbones of valid eCTDs and constructs a ‘Cumulative View’ for your application as well as showing individual sequences. The ‘cumulative view’ shows you exactly what is current in your application while the ‘Sequence View’ lets you navigate through your whole application quickly and easily. Using eCTD Accelerator a sponsor can now view their application just like the FDA sees it and all for free. Unlike other eCTD viewers, there is no time limit, no restriction on the number or size of applications and most importantly, no purchase price. Aquila is offering a free 15 minute training webinar on July 19th for anyone interested in using eCTD Accelerator.
Founded in 2011, Aquila Solutions, LLC is a worldwide leader in eCTD Electronic Regulatory Publishing Services. The company offers a wide range of products and services providing finalized documents to deliver a submission ready eCTD. For small sequences, under 1,000 pages and 20 documents, Aquila will provide deliverables according to a standard timeline. For larger sequences Aquila assists as needed with the development of a submission plan and project milestones to speed the publishing process. Aquila is currently offering a free small sequence to first-time clients.

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