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 Installing eCTD Accelerator – Viewer

  1. Run the installation program.
  2. Open eCTD Accelerator – Viewer.

Using eCTD Accelerator – Viewer

  1. Click on the “New” tab and navigate to a folder that contains eCTD Sequence folders.
  2. Repeat for every application.
  3. Navigate between the applications by clicking on the appropriate application tab.
  4. Navigate between sequences by clicking on the sequence tab.
  5. Return to the “Cumulative View” by clicking on the “Cumulative View” tab.
  6. Documents may be opened through the “Sequence View.”

Other Functions

  1. Clicking on the current application tab refreshes the data for that application.
  2. ‘F5’ triggers a refresh on all applications.
  3. “Delete’ removes the current application.

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