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eCTD Accelerator – Templates

The only actively managed CTD template system

eCTD Accelerator – Templates provides the most cost effective Template system for sponsors who are authoring documents in the CTD / eCTD format.  Our system offers a template for every submission you might need and each document provides the layout, guidance and structure you require as well as a eCTD file structure and granularity guidance.


 eCTD Accelerator will dramatically reduce your need for expensive consultants and medical writers as well as reduce your authoring time.


 What we offer – The 6 C’s

  1. Comprehensive: Hundreds of documents which are customized to your application by our software
  2. Current: Automatic updates to existing templates as well as new templates as they become available
  3. Compatible: Our templates can be used in any eCTD publishing program or publishing group
  4. Clear: Our system does not require a complex Word Ribbon that does little more than repackage existing features but still requires new training for the authors
  5. Competitive: Our system is priced significantly below other template packages. Sometimes as much as 80% less.
  6. Communication: Do you need a template that isn’t available? Let us know through the software and we will create it for you!

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