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Customized and Unlocked Templates

The eCTD Accelerator System is designed to provide the cheapest template system available on the market.  To do this we secure portions of the document to protect our proprietary content.  While most sponsors find this acceptable, some want fully unlocked word documents that have been carefully customized for their use.

Template Customization Process

  1. Aquila designers will meet with your regulatory team to determine your expectations and requirements.
  2. Aquila will integrate your requirements for Header and Footer layout and font styles.
  3. Aquila will provide a small sample for you to review.
  4. Upon approval, Aquila will provide the remaining templates and will make minor formatting changes as requested for the next 60 days.

Time: This process typically takes about 1 month however accelerated publishing is available.

Price:  A collection of the current templates, customized according to client specifications and unlocked will cost $10,000


  1. Up to 50% of the purchase price of the eCTD Accelerator – Templates purchase price (prorated) may be applied to the custom templates purchase.
  2. A 10% pre-payment discount is always available

Please complete the following form to request further information.

 Terms of Customization

  1. The sponsor is licensing an unlocked copy of the CURRENT template set
  2. The sponsor may not distribute the templates beyond the immediate requirements for the sponsors projects
  3. This template set does not include documents available through the eCTD Accelerator but not updated by the software (i.e. forms)
  4. The sponsor is not eligible for free updates to the purchased template sets.  Updates my be purchased at a significantly reduced rate.
  5. After 60 days minor formatting updates may be available at Aquila’s discretion.
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