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MS Word-Addin

eCTD Accelerator – Templates – Word Add-in

The eCTD Accelerator System is designed around a simple concept.  Traditional templates are too expensive for the support they provide.

This is due to the simple fact that the creation of a complete template set with descriptive text requires thousands of man-hours from highly training regulatory writers.  Since traditional MS-Word templates cannot be secured it is very difficult to recovery the investment and so providers charge a great deal.

Aquila has approached this issue by developing a technology to secure our content inside Ms-Word documents.  This allows us to offer our templates at a dramatic price reduction.

The problem with this approach is that several critical authoring features are disabled.  I counter this Aquila has developed a freeware plug-in to restore the functionality.  The Word Add-in allows authors to manipulate page orientations and sizes, maintains the proper header and footer layout, cleans the document of any Aquila descriptive text and restores functions like track changes.

The add-in is provided as Freeware and is installed through the installer program.

The details of the license related to this software is available here.

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